Thursday, February 13, 2014

My best study yet? Getting it!

I found this picture some time ago, and unfortunately I have no idea whom credit is due to.
 I wasn't 'good enough' to do it at the time i found it, but i jumped in and got what i wanted. It took a while to do. Between 6-10 hours (I lost track). But it was WELL worth it. What I can do now, with and without reference has grown exponentially. Switching back to illustration mode, see you around sports fans.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

:P (i said :P on facebook too)

just playing around with line and simple color. With more work i think i can use textures and gradients to color my line work. I don't like to see a great line drawing covered with opaque color. Why bother? I'm sure there is a good answer to that, but for me, it's either slapping around color and tone, or showcasing the line.

Career Advice... "It will all work out"

So I've received advice, great advice, from great sources. All of these sources are greatly successful artists, doing essentially what I aspire to do. If I've learned anything from it, it's that I've wasted too much energy trying to figure out how to succeed.
In other words I'm far better off making images and chasing down the style and content I'm after, watching it develop into what ultimately becomes "my artistic voice".

That all sounds well and good, cheers (to an attempt to) live the dream. I'll keep on, keeping on, like a lunatic sawing off their arm, halfway through the bone. Faith and perseverance.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Z Brush has quite the learning curve

I'm having a blast with Z-brush. It's taken some time to even begin to feel comfortable and yet there are still many more aspects to be explored within just Z-brush. Eventually (sooner than later) i will be dragging my 3d models into photoshop to see what i can get in terms of representation and abstraction.

Hand studies. More to come